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Dr. Berlin joined USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC) in 2001 after completing her Master of Science degree from Michigan State University. Her project entailed creating a non-invasive technique to measure embryonic growth in dabbling ducks. In 2008, she received her doctorate entitled “Foraging values of Mulinia lateralis and Ischadium recurvum: energetics effects of surf scoters wintering in the Chesapeake Bay” from the University of Maryland. As a research wildlife biologist at PWRC she focuses on bioenergetics modeling of waterfowl species wintering in the Chesapeake Bay, habitat utilization of Atlantic seaducks using satellite telemetry, evaluating potential use of newer tracking technologies on seabirds, and underwater hearing capabilities of seabirds. Finally Dr. Berlin established and presently manages a captive colony of seabirds at PWRC that includes surf scoters, white winged scoters, long-tailed ducks, harlequin ducks, ruddy ducks, American black ducks, lesser scaup, and red-throated loons.


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