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The ocean is profoundly influential on the Earth’s weather and climate system. Sustained long-term ocean and atmospheric observations are essential to describing the ocean's role, understanding its modulating and moderating processes and developing the capability to predict short term weather and climate variability as well as long-term climate change. CLS America provides the global satellite communications capabilities that enable the required observations to be collected from drifting and moored buoys, autonomous profiling floats and underwater gliders worldwide, to be consolidated and  disseminated electronically to the operational and research institutions that need them.  


Map courtesy of the Global Drifter Program.

Map courtesy of the Global Drifter Program.

More than 8,000 birds, marine animals and terrestrial animals are tracked constantly using miniaturized Argos transmitters. Combining position information and data about animals allows wildlife biologists to better understand their behavior, feeding strategies, breeding and adaptation to their environment. Such observations provide the basis for the conservation measures that are benefitting many endangered species.  In addition to its ecological value, this work meets then need to learn more about human origins and our environment's natural resources.

THORIUM Mobile is revolutionizing fishing and fisheries data collection. Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to send and recieve email messages, text messages, request weather updates, and even send electronic forms, all through the Iridium satellite network. THORIUM Mobile turns your smartphone into a Sat phone! 

STRATEGIC SECURITY PROGRAMS: Marine Domain Awareness & Security Applications 

CLS is quickly becoming the world's leading service provider of LRIT (Long Range Identification & Tracking).  Having contracts with the US, Europe and several other countries, CLS will continue bring national governments with Marine Domain Awareness. CLS is also leading the way with Data Fusion Platforms (Combined tracking technologies) to give the most complete theater of operation picture.  CLS America brings the whole package from Satellite enabled products to the software packages to monitor them.

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