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Argos Direction Finder for Transmitter Recovery & Active Tracking 

The Argos Goniometer helps users find actively transmitting
ARGOS platforms in the field. Depending on the altitude and
the reception conditions, the goniometer can detect all
transmitting platforms within a radius of 100 km or more.
This highly sensitive radio direction finder enables field
recovery of Argos platforms by detecting the strength of the transmission and the direction towards the platform along
with any GPS positions transmitted by the device. In addition,
the goniometer will download and decode messages (with 
platforms that we have the decoding scheme of).
The Argos Goniometer is ready to go out of the box!
The goniometer is the only Argos-specific tool for recovering pop-up satellite tags, actively tracking animals, and recovering Ocean Gliders when/if the primary communication system failed.
  • Lease to own: Our lease to own program allows you to lease before you buy. For $1200 per month you can lease the unit, and if you decide to purchase it thereafter we will apply the leased amount to the purchase of a new unit.
  • Purchase: You can also purchase a unit outright. The hardware comes with a 2 year warranty. 


Goniometer Kit, Includes:

  • IP66 rated hard case

  • Goniometer (RXG-134)

  • Goniometer receiving antenna (AXG-134)

    • 5 meter antenna cable (standard)

    • Longer cable available upon request

  • Universal main power converter

  • USB cable

  • Antenna mount

  • BNC antenna (see manual for use)



"...the goniometer worked perfectly for chasing down PSATs on their pop-up date in Glacier Bay! We were able to recover 4/5 tags that popped up, including 1 Desert Star tag that was missing an antenna! The remaining tag is another Desert Star tag that is not transmitting frequently enough to provide an Argos location, it is possible that this tag is missing its antenna as well....This equipment is very good news for researchers - now it is reasonable to expect that if PSATs pop up in an area that can be reached by boat, tags can be physically recovered. For my research, this means that I can make sense of the geomagnetic and accelerometer data from the Desert Star tags and look for evidence of halibut spawning rises in the Wildlife Computer tags that provide depth records at 10 second intervals...So I am very pleased and thankful that you have developed this tool, and that it is available for short-term lease."

-Dr. Julie Nielsen (University of Alaska)

"The mission was a success, with the complete  recovery of all the equipment. This story testifies to the Argos beacons (and system’s) robustness, still functional after 13 years of immersion in the Southern Indian Ocean, and to the Goniometer’s critical role in recovering the material."

-LAMY Marine Consultant

"The gonio finder was quite helpful and was used for the final localization of the Glider. Our spot tag had issues which greatly complicated matters. However on the successful recovery day the tag behaved.  We got the fist signals from the tag at about 10 nm and started getting intermittent radio direction finding information at about 6 to 7 miles. By about 3 miles we were receiving every ping (90 sec).“

-Dennis Stanley (University of Western Australia)

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