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Updated March 2016

There is no direct cost to become a certified Argos manufacturer, but there is a certification process all manufacturers must go through. The process is managed by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES, the French Space Agency).
You can view the current list of certified Argos manufacturers by clicking this link.
Full documentation of the process, paperwork, and forms are available via email, but in short the process includes sending a number of platforms to the CNES for testing.
The platforms must meet some basic requirements:
  • transmit output of 401.650MHz RF signal
  • must be able to continuously transmit for test purposes
  • able to connect to lab power supply if internal power is not provided
As an alternative to the manufacturer certification process, CLS offers an integrator option.
You have two options to fast track the process:
  • Purchase the Argos chipset from CLS directly (confirm this with Michel)
  • Purchase a transmitter from one of the certified Argos manufacturers (you will need to negotiate directly with these companies)
If you are a research institute or a small organization that does not have interest in reselling the devices, the process is complete. However, if you wish to resell the integrated devices you will need to go through a final review process.
If you would like more information on either of the processes please contact us directly. 
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