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Iain Stenhouse is the Marine Bird Program Director at the Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI), located in Portland, ME, and an Adjunct Professor in Biology at the University of Southern Maine. His research studies have mostly focused on the behavior, ecology, and migration of northern and Arctic-breeding marine birds. Tracking long-distance migrations and identifying important habitats for birds has been a major interest and a recurring theme throughout his career. He has tracked the trans-equatorial migrations of Arctic Terns (the longest animal migration ever recorded) and Sabine’s Gulls breeding in Northeast Greenland, and documented formerly unknown high-use areas in the Atlantic Ocean for these species. In recent years, he has supervised broad-scale research projects involving the deployment of satellite transmitters to track the annual movements of marine birds in the face of environmental stressors and potential offshore development. His current research projects include tracking Red-throated Loons, Northern Gannets, and Surf Scoters in the Mid-Atlantic region to assess their winter use of the outer continental shelf.

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