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Dr. Sàlim Javed is currently Manager, Terrestrial Assessment and Conservation Unit at Biodiversity Management Sector of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD). He also looks after the Bird Programme at the Agency which he established in 2002. Salim has nearly 20 years of experience of working with government and non-governmental organizations in a variety of capacities, including research activities, project development, and management. Salim holds a PhD in Wildlife Sciences from Aligarh Muslim University and has published more than 30 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, besides many short papers and popular articles. Before joining EAD, Salim was a faculty member at the Department of Wildlife Sciences, Aligarh Muslim University in India for eight years where he taught and guided PhD students. He has undertaken and completed several important projects on birds including satellite tracking of Eurasian Cranes and Bar-headed geese in India and has successfully satellite tracked many important species in the UAE including some for the very first time such as the Sooty Falcon. His work focusses on using satellite telemetry and other modern technologies in decision making to help the local government in protecting key species and sites. He has worked closely with several international organizations such as USGS and USFWS. Salim is also a LEAD fellow and was nominated by Government of India to the panel of Indo-Russian joint working group on Environment and Natural Resources and is ROC for the UAE and also an EC member of the Joint Tariff Agreement (JTA).

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