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Automated Identification System

15 Day Period (Europe) - Data Fusion of LRIT & SAT AIS (Europe)

Following the advent of space technologies for satellite monitoring of AIS signals, CLS worked closely with maritime authorities, navies, law enforcement agencies, commercial fleets, international organisations and space agencies to develop new SAT-AIS solutions, drawing on its experience as Integrated Maritime Surveillance Application Service Provider in processing ARGOS, AIS, IRIDIUM, INMARSAT, Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR), Optical Images, Weather Forecast, INTELLIGENCE sources and LRIT data.

In this respect, CLS developed the European SAT-AIS Data Processing Center (EU SAT-AIS DPC) for ESA/EMSA and a key part of the IMDATE (integrated maritime data fusion platform for EMSA).


This SAT-AIS DPC offers further processing capability towards enhanced SAT-AIS data. Such a Data Center collects and processes billions of messages from several sources, checks message integrity, predicts AIS messages and generates configurable warning messages.

SAT-AIS solutions provided by CLS are also used for different operational needs like facilitating Short Sea Shipping, fight against illegal activities in the BLUEMASSMED project, Increase the Maritime Domain Awareness in Indonesia, Perú, Japan, fight against illegal pollution and supports customs authorities and other environmental monitoring needs.

LRIT Only                                       SAT AIS With LRIT

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