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CLS America is part of a global network of companies that complement each other to  give fleet managers and governmental investigators a complete operational picture. We have products and services that utilize our decades of experience in satellitte technologies giving your team search and retrieval of assets capabilities anywhere in around the globe.


CLS America is proud to be one of the world's leading providers in Maritime Security Applications.  As The trusted and contracted LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking) Service Provider to the US Coast Guard, CLSA offers a wide array of hardware and software products that assist both the ship captain, as well as, governmental entiities to stay compliant.  


Our USCG type approved Satellite Terminals and Fleet Monitoring software packages make CLSA your obvious choice for end to end fleet management tools!

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Terrestrial or Maritime, CLS America provides tracking software packages that are second to none.  Themis and GeoFlex provide fleet managers with the tools to not only track your assets, but also help fleet managers to make decisions for cost saving factors such as routes, speeds, restricted zones and weather conditions.

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Governments around the world trust CLS to provide global monitoring of assets. Satellite and other monitoring technologies provide investigators with the capabilities to sieze and prosecute criminal activities that include drug trafficking, human trafficking, and arms smuggling. It doesn't matter where in the world the crime takes place, CLS America can provide around-the-clock monitoring, the products to get it done, and the customer service to make sure your investigations run efficiently.

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As governments face rising levels of marine traffic and piracy at sea, along with accidental or intentional pollution, they strive to make their maritime domain safer and more secure. CLS America offers integrated solutions to support government initiatives at sea. Our solutions include a wide range of services based on proven space technologies. As a result of 20 years of close collaboration with private operators and government agencies in charge of maritime surveillance, we have a proven track record in identifying and tracking ships, detecting illegal fishing and spotting oil spills. Our services help provide effective, well-planned management of maritime safety in a number of different areas:




The IMO (International Maritime Organization) has set up a long-distance ship-tracking system known as LRIT (Long Range Identification & Tracking). Every government is under obligation to acquire a LRIT infrastructure. CLS America, which has been specialising in location and data-collection services for over 20 years, has developed a comprehensive offering of LRIT solutions for government maritime agencies the world over (data-processing centre, ASP telecommunication services and location beacons). Its offering is based on software solutions with proven capacities for monitoring fishing activities under international agreements.




There has been a fresh upsurge in piracy. Not only property and people but also commercial fishing resources are under threats, not to mention intentional or accidental pollution. Alongside its data-collection and location systems (LRIT, AIS, VMS and coastal radar systems), CLS America offers a wealth of satellite radar information to monitor operations at sea and help authorities detect illegal fishing, oil spills and illegal trafficking.




To further government initiatives at sea and provide a decision aid for maritime authorities, CLS America has developed Thémis. This one-of-a-kind platform is the fruit of years of expertise in data fusion and display. Data on location, oceanic conditions, satellite or coastal radar, etc. is fed into the platform to help decision-makers better assess the situations. From the high seas to the coast and on any part of the globe, CLS America helps authorities gain a deeper, real-time insight into the areas of operation. This is CLS America's contribution to improving government operations at sea.

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