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Global Coverage


  • Flying the Argos system aboard polar-orbiting satellites provides worldwide coverage.


Security Solutions


  • Robust security solutions protect information systems and large volumes of data.

Dopper Location Capability


  • Argos processing centers use the Doppler effect to locate transmitters. The advantages of Doppler location are low transmitter power consumption and instant location opportunities during satellite passes (which is useful for tracking marine animals for example).


Optional GPS Positioning


  • Argos PTTs can be equipped with GPS receivers and send GPS positions via Argos system. The processing system makes the GPS positions available in the same format as regular Doppler-derived locations. Users can choose whichever form of location best suits their needs.


Miniaturization & Low Power Consumption


  • Thanks to the high sensitivity of satellite receivers, Argos transmitters can be miniaturized and achieve good results using very low power, making it an efficient system for long-distance tracking.


Two-way Communication


  • Argos-3 satellites send a signal back to the platform when a message has been correctly received. Furthermore, the satellite can send messages from users to any Platform Messaging Terminal (PMT).

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